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    Parduodu nepertraukiamo maitinimo saltini (UPS) HP R3000h XR-DTS-INTL

    Modelis E03007i.

    Input AC220/230/240V, 50/60Hz 14A max,

    Output AC220/230/240V, 50/60Hz 13.6A max, 2700W


    Techniskai tvarkingas, yra tinklo pajungimo kabelis. Be bateriju.


    Dar info:

    Online efficiency 94% nominal input voltage

    Voltage wave shape Sine wave; 5% THD with typical PFC load

    Surge suppression High-energy 6500 A peak

    Noise filtering MOVs and line filter for normal and common mode use





    Kaina 370Lt.

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